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See how you could be getting more from your security solutions.

ESP, in this context, stands for Enhanced Security Protection – not the “sixth sense” that allows you to read minds – and it’s a service that can take your business’ security to the next level. 

So, what does an ESP mean for you?

Will Electronics Integrity Core Value


An ESP with Will Electronics means that we’re taking more ownership of the system. You’re more than just our client. You’re our partner and we have a vested interest in your success. 

With your ESP, you get two preventative maintenance visits each year to ensure your solutions are up-to-date and working properly. And if there is a problem, we’ll cover the cost of all parts and labor needed with loaner equipment at no charge.

These visits can help you manage total cost of ownership, minimize system downtime, and optimize total security performance.

Will Electronics Respect Core Value


We know that elite security solutions can be a big investment and you need to trust us before implementing anything we have to offer. 

These partnerships start with respect – and that’s exactly what we strive to build with each ESP. When you become part of our ESP program, you become a member of our team. Each partner with an ESP is assigned an account and project manager to serve as their direct contact within the company. 

These managers will work in collaboration with your team to ensure your security solutions are up-to-date and properly implemented. They’ll also have annual planning meetings to help you map out a successful security strategy for years to come. 

Will Electronics Accountability Core Value


The buck stops here. Our team doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to your security solutions. 

When there’s an issue with your security, you need fixes and you need them fast. With our ESP Program, you gain access to a priority service line that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every message sent to this line will be answered in less than four hours.

In short, we’re going to be there when you need us to be there. 

And if you buy a new security system that fails within the first five years, we’ll cover the full cost to replace it. 

Will Electronics Teamwork Core Value


Signing up for an ESP is more than just signing up for a maintenance contract. It’s signing up for a true partnership with Will Electronics. 

And we will do anything we can to ensure our partners are successful. 

That means unlimited operator training to help your team implement and utilize solutions with confidence. That means unlimited telephone support to help you tackle problems early and maximize your system’s uptime. 

Our ESP was designed to help our partners get the best possible results from their solution. It was designed to help us form true, meaningful partnerships with our clients. And it was designed to show everyone we work with that we are 100% committed to delivering the perfect solution for their business.