Will Electronics

Spire West

The Challenge

As an existing customer of Will Electronics, Tony Ell and his team had been planning on upgrading their security equipment at the Spire Independence, MO Vehicle Fleet Maintenance and Training Center. A series of break-ins occurred where intruders were cutting holes in a fence and stealing diesel filters off of F-550 crew trucks, that when fully outfitted can be worth up to $300,000. It was at this time that Tony knew it was time to get the upgrade in motion.

The Solution

Will Electronics engineered a solution replacing 13 existing analog cameras and also adding in additional cameras. Will decided Axis Defender was the best solution to meet Tony's goal in maximizing their ability to effectively and efficiently monitor their property. After installing Defender and the additional cameras, Tony and his team were able to view full coverage of their property's fence line. The North fence line of the Independence Training Center was their biggest concern due to the neighboring area's high volume of property crimes.

Client's Perspective

"Less than a month since the install of Axis Defender, Spire West had their intrusion control tested yet again. The Defender alarm on the North fence line sounded around 3:15 A.M. The one guard working in the SOC was immediately able to phone the overnight shift officer. Three male suspects were seen cutting holes in the fence, peeking and entering into vehicles, and taking a campus tool bag. Within less than 20 minutes, police arrived on scene, apprehended the suspects and retrieved the stolen goods."

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