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Access Control

Access Control is an effective means of controlling access to your facility and parking areas. Once inside your building, an access control program can further regulate who can enter certain areas within your facility by utilizing various styles of access control readers such as:

  • Proximity Readers
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Contact/Contactless SmartCard

These devices are programmed and monitored through a computer that can display facility maps, alarm functions and data pertaining to the entry or exit of personnel. The software can also provide detailed reports of activity and usage.

Access Control is commonly integrated with Video Imaging, which produces the cards (or badges) that identify authorized personnel. Multi-technology cards are also available for integration with existing access systems. CCTV can enhance an Access Control System by displaying views of entrances or exits to further identify specific activities or persons.

Any business that has concerns with the management of its facility, whether it be entry and/or exit issues, gate or parking control, life safety and emergency evacuation, or time and attendance reporting, should certainly consider including Access Control in the initial design of its security system.

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