Will Electronics


The Challenge

To provide comprehensive surveillance coverage for a large riverfront property that will accommodate a rail yard, barge loading facility and grain elevator. Italgrani’s campus is 1.5 miles long by a quarter mile wide, and is home to one of the largest grain elevators on the Mississippi River. Additionally, other companies share access roads with Italgrani – meaning no private gates or roads, as access must be available to all property users.

The Solution

Will Electronics’ technicians designed a wireless relay system whereby footage from outlying cameras could be transmitted to hard-wired cameras closer to the facility’s buildings. The cameras can then relay the signals of the outlying wireless cameras back to the main system. Because the Genetec platform is IP-based, anyone with access can then pull up the video feeds from any computer or laptop equipped with the Genetec software.

Client's Perspective

"Will Electronics delivered an efficient array of cameras on an impressive surveillance platform,” said Kevin Ellison, Italgrani’s Information Systems Administrator. “They actually ended up cutting three or four cameras from our original plan; it didn’t seem like they were after all the dollars they could possibly get when they did that. In the end, cameras are a commodity. It’s who’s behind the cameras that truly matters."

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