Springfield City Utilities
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The Challenge

City Utilities is a 5-Star utility: it not only provides electricity, natural gas and water services to its 110,000 customers in a 320 square-mile service area, but it also manages the area’s broadband Internet access as well as the public transit system for Springfield, Missouri.  To do all of this, the company relies on 939 full-time employees working out of numerous offices, substations and other facilities – all of which must be secured to prevent unauthorized access.

The Solution

City Utilities partnered with Will Electronics to equip their facilities with the CyberLock access control system.  This electronic lock-and-key system replaces conventional brass keys with electronic keys that can be programmed to allow access to specific locks for a predetermined length of time, which forgoes the need to replace keys and re-key locks when access needs to be changed or restricted.  Additionally, because the locks are powered by the keys, they don’t require expensive wiring

The Client's Perspective

“Technology is always changing, so we have to keep up with it. Will Electronics always does a very good job of showing us new products that are coming into scope and that might be useful for us,” said Rasey.  “Additionally, their response time is outstanding, and that’s very important.  Physical security is not constrained to business hours – it’s a 24/7 operation, so the ability to quickly and efficiently handle any issues that arise is critical to our success.”