Will Electronics


The Challenge

When Al Moore took over as Spire’s Director of Corporate Security in 2013, the company was experiencing a period of rapid growth: they had recently acquired a natural gas utility in western Missouri, and plans were in the works for the acquisition of another natural gas utility in Alabama. Moore, who oversees Spire’s physical security operations, needed a platform that could assimilate the security systems of the new acquisitions and incorporate them under a single, comprehensive platform.

The Solution

Fortunately for Moore, his mentor – former security manager Steve Mayes – had previously worked with Will Electronics on the installation of a Genetec Surveillance and Access Control platform in the company’s former corporate office in St. Louis. Moore had heard good things from Mayes about the Genetec system, and after some additional research he decided it was still the best available platform; its versatility and compatibility with other systems allowed him to create a standard, cost-effective system to serve the entire company.

Client's Perspective

"When you’re in a situation such as we’re in (where you’re acquiring other companies), it’s important to have a security platform that’s open so that you can incorporate the systems of those newly acquired entities into your own,” notes Al Moore, Spire’s Director of Corporate Security. “The Genetec platform allows us to do that in a very efficient and cost-effective way. The fact that we were able to do so with a vendor that we have an existing relationship with just makes the entire process that much easier."

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