Will Electronics

Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer Co., Inc.

The Challenge

Founded in 1886, Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer is a company that has succeeded by constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers. But while the company has aged gracefully, the downtown St. Louis neighborhood where the company’s offices are located has not – all the more reason for the company’s IT Manager, Nick Mullins, to upgrade the antiquated cameras and DVR system. The task was made more challenging by the need to utilize the existing surveillance system’s wiring to keep the project within budget.

The Solution

After talking with Nick to evaluate what he was looking for and what the existing infrastructure looked like, Will Electronics recommended an incremental approach: they replaced the old DVR platform and the most outdated cameras with a new 32-channel DVR system and high definition cameras. The new platform has the capacity to accommodate additional cameras in the future, and can be “daisy chained” to expand the total number of cameras that the system can support – all while honoring Nick’s requirement to use the existing wiring.

Client's Perspective

"As far as security systems go, I didn’t have a lot of previous experience in terms of installing or upgrading them, so having a partner like Will Electronics made the process much easier. We weren’t real satisfied with our previous service provider – they wouldn’t return calls when we needed service. But Will Electronics has been an ideal vendor – I call them, they reply right away. I need service, they’re here the next day. That’s what you look for in a security provider: someone who’s there for you when you need them."

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