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Nonprofit Security Grant Program: Why You Should Be Taking Advantage

The safety and security of our communities is collective responsibility that includes safeguarding our nonprofit organizations. The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) provides funding support for non profits to make physical security and other target hardening enhancements to their organizations that are high risk targets for attacks. Nonprofits play a crucial role in addressing various societal needs, from providing essential services to vulnerable populations to promoting cultural enrichment and charitable work. By integrating nonprofit preparedness activity with broader state and local efforts communities will be better equipped for emergency situations.

Companies in the industry have started to do their own part to help non profits in the grants application process. Genetec recently introduced their Grants Support Team to help public sector agencies conduct research to assist in the selection and application processes for obtaining grant funding for security projects. Grants are a great provider of key funding for organizations to introduce solutions that better help them serve their communities. The lack of resources combined with the sheer number of grants opportunities available in the public sector created a great opportunity for Genetec to bridge this gap in the security industry. The Genetec Grants Support Team will partner with an agency’s team from start to finish as they apply for grant funding. This could include anything from funding research, consultations, or complete assistance in the grant application writing process.

To help these agencies in the research and application process, Genetec has partnered with Grants Office, a national grants intelligence firm with a 22-year history of helping the public sector find and secure grant funding. The two companies will offer a range of complimentary services including grant funder prospecting; project consultation; and grant application writing, editing, and review.

In 2023 more than 5,000 federal, state, and foundation grant programs will open in the US, totaling some $990 billion in potential awarded funds. Top candidates for grant awards include K-12 and higher education, law enforcement, public safety, transportation, local and municipal agencies, and utilities.

If you’d like more information on how your agency can most efficiently go about the grants process, reach out to your Account Manager at Will Electronics.

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