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Business Security Compliance Standards for Physical Locations

When you’re working in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and energy, keeping things protected takes on an added level of importance. That’s why industry-specific security standards are put in place – because for some, a security breach just isn’t an option for your physical locations. And that’s why working with a trusted and experienced security provider can be invaluable.

How Can Compliance Standards Affect Your Location Security?

These compliance standards can take a lot of different forms. Whether it’s specific camera requirements or lighting specifications, it can be many combinations of different variables. An effective physical security solution is about more than just having the tools in place – it’s about making sure those tools are placed in the best possible position to keep you protected. Requirements, specifications, positioning, maintenance, and more play into how various compliance standards for your industry can affect how your security package is created and maintained.

What are the Biggest Challenges When Implementing Compliant Physical Security Solutions?

Let’s put in a real world example to walk through some of the biggest challenges in implementing compliant security solutions. Imagine a remote substation as our example. Some of these buildings can be found in the middle of fields and some can go days or weeks without an actual person occupying them. 

In these types of unique situations, the structure itself can add a couple of extra challenges for solution installation. Depending on how it’s built, these buildings can be difficult to wire, but today’s market features a range of media converters to help get the job done. 

The camera system itself can actually require contractors to construct their own network due to bandwidth requirements for proper functionality. 

When these standard-compliant solutions are installed properly and effectively, these types of facilities can be protected 24/7/365 from virtually anywhere in the world remotely.

These remote solutions can help prevent and mitigate potential security breaches by giving you near instant facility access through speaker, light and camera systems to deter anyone thinking of entering the facility’s premises.

The Value of Dependable Security Solutions For Your Buildings

These types of comprehensive and effective solutions aren’t the cheapest to put in place. In these industries, there’s rarely a cookie cutter pattern to follow – you need solutions that are tailored to your needs.

But when it comes to securing these crucial facilities, a trusted security solution can be the difference between everything running smoothly and an entire city losing power.

Security solutions fall into your protection planning, risk mitigation and management, loss prevention, and safety protocols. The value of a dependable security solution is undeniable.

What are the Most Common Physical Compliance Security Solutions?

As we’ve stated above, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But, here are a couple of the most common security solutions that are installed to help businesses meet their compliance standards:

1. Security Card Access Systems
These access systems help ensure that only authorized personnel are able to get into facilities. In addition to controlling main access points like entrances and exits, these card systems can be used to secure key assets like data racks to prevent potential data breaches.

2. Security Camera Systems
Contrary to what you may see, security cameras don’t have all the functionality Hollywood makes it out to have. That’s why it’s critical that when these cameras are installed, they’re placed in the best possible position to see what they need to see (no need to shout, “Enhance”).

This can be a lot of information, but when you partner with a trusted security provider, you can have the confidence that you’re meeting every compliance standard for your industry. Outside of the physical solutions, you also get an invaluable sense of peace-of-mind knowing that you, your employees and your facilities are protected.

If your security systems are bound by industry specific compliance standards, contact an Account Manager today and let’s see how we can help you.

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