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Six Reasons Your Genetec System Should Always be Updated

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you may be currently using a Genetec version that’s reached end-of-life or will be in the near future.  As a result, technical support and documentation may no longer be available for systems reaching end-of-life. To ensure your systems are protected against cyberthreats, stay functional, and safeguard your investments it is important to maintain the lifecycle of these products. 

We compiled a list of six reasons why it’s important to update your Genetec system: 

1. Strengthen cybersecurity of the systems: Encryption of native video streams (SRTP), Video Watermarking, System security scoring, etc.

2. Support of the latest technologies: H.265, OSDPv2, Public Address, TLS 1.2 communication

3. Access to new features: Dashboards, Kiwivision Unified Video Analytics, Firmware Vault, etc.

4. IT Standards Compliance.

5. Additional access to more than 900 Genetec integrations (intrusion, real-time location service, industrial protocols, occupancy rate analysis, etc.)

6. Still running Omnicast 4.x? Get access to the unified Security Center platform today

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